About me

Hi, I'm Ryan! I'm a front-end web developer based in Metro Detroit with a passion for making things that look and feel good.


I am the lead front-end engineer at Waymark, a Detroit-based startup building an AI-powered video generation and editing platform for making commercials in your browser.

Open source

I have a deep passion for open source software. Here's some things I've done:

  • Created react-hover-video-player, a React component library for playing videos on hover. This library has been downloaded nearly 200,000 times.
  • Created hover-video-player, a vanilla web component port of react-hover-video-player. You can find this component on this site's homepage!
  • Made some minor contributions to 11ty's WebC .

Fun stuff

Aside from hacking away at side projects, I love coffee. I have fallen far enough down the rabbit hole that I have my own home roasting setup to make sure we can always have the freshest coffee possible.

I am also a huge Pistons fan and try to tune into as many games as I can. Deee-troit basketball!

Most importantly, I have a wonderful partner, Jess and a slightly odd but sweet dog, Harrison.